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• the unknown• 

As I exhale and feel a huge sigh of relief that chemotherapy is over, I’m overwhelmed with stress of my next chapter. It’s human to be terrified of the unknown. I hate the unknown, despise it actually. I’ve got another BIG appointment on 5.28.18 so if you can, take a second to send some positive energy my way. I’ll slay this chapter like I did the last, but the added love and support always helps. Let’s do the damn thing.  Radiation here I come!! 

•infusion #7•

Chemotherapy #7. Sooooooooo close to being done with this chapter, yet I still get nervous walking into the infusion room. Nervous about the initial port poke, nervous about the flushing of the port (tastes like alcohol and tends to make me pretty nauseous), & extremely nervous on how this round of medicine will affect my body.  But slowly celebrating my win of being DONE with this crap.  Because friends.... I might look ok, act like I’m doing well, have a good attitude, BUT this crap SUCKS. Every single part of it.  Ugh. But as o keep saying, I’m doing it! Day by Day.... doing it! I haven’t had any bad reactions from the last 2 infusions so they were able to turn up the drip to pretty quick with this eoubd. So I was only there for about 3-4 hours instead of 4-5. Yeah!  I got home and had a snack and then went to bed. I was feeling pretty worn out as I tend to get after these long days.  But then around 7:00pm I started to not feel too well. I immediately looked in the mirr