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Reconstruction Sugery 

I had my last surgery on 6/28/19. This was my 2nd reconstruction surgery as my plastic surgeon originally told me that I would take a couple surgeries to even out my chest. I had a unilateral mastectomy meaning I have one real breast and one fake. Plus I had radiation after chemotherapy and radiated skin makes everything even harder to to operate on. And then my upper body is pretty petite so making small adjustments during surgery was the safest way to go. As I sit in my hospital bed getting preped for surgery I started thinking about my life since diagnosis. I’ve gone through hell and back. I’ve had some hard days and even harder days. Cancer takes so much away but in a strange way, it’s also given me so many opportunities. I’ve meet some incredible people, I started a blog, my story was featured at the breast friends gala, & I was cast to be in a movie. Meanwhile I’m able to run without my hip hurting, I can kick ass in a Burncyle class, I walked Portland to Coast, & I’m co