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Hormone Therapy

I get asked daily if treatment is over, if I beat cancer, if I’m cured or am I finished with everything. The answer is NO. I’m here to educate you a little bit, I’ll never be 100% cured from cancer, I’ll always be fighting in some way & for the next TEN years I have to take these little pills called Tamoxifen. Don’t google it, you won’t want to read all the side effects (its typically like taking a tiny dose of chemotherapy daily).  I’ve had my first surgery, gone through 8 rounds of grueling chemotherapy, 56 shots, 25 radiation treatments, & now this.... hormone blockers. My cancer was hormone receptive positive so I have to have hormone therapy. These pills that I received in the mail today are what I’m MOST terrified of during my whole journey, the part I’ve been dragging my feet on and dreading the most. The side effects are outrageous, my body could start breaking down again, my body has a chance of never really recovering, & to be honest most days I get out of bed an