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It’s been THREE months.

It’s been 3 months since my last infusion. Three months since I had the most intense anxiety of my life, not knowing what the next round of side effects would be. Three months since looking the sickest I’ve looked ever looked in my life.  BUT three months of my body getting stronger, three months of knowing that chemotherapy is behind me, & three months of knowing that I am continuing to THRIVE. When I was first diagnosed, I knew personally only one person that had breast cancer.  O.N.E. I felt clueless, lonely, & terrified that I would be on the biggest island alone.  Now I’ve made some incredible new friends that have also been diagnosed. These friends answer questions, understand my struggles, & continue to lift me up when I’m down. I’m also further along in my journey than these new friends, so I continue to give back with all the knowledge and experience that I have gained. I’ve given away so many of my special items that pulled me through and happy to help anothe