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Girl, take come control

*My radiation oncologist started a clothing line for patients going through radiation treatment. She sells and designs soft undergarments that help with the burning skin during treatment. She’s incredible and we’ve bonded quite a bit since my diagnosis. She’s starting a new website and has asked me to blog for her! It’s such a honor to help other women through my writing. I thought I’d share my first article. Enjoy!  Congrats! You are now part of a special club that no one wants to be a part of, and have received a diagnosis that you wouldn’t wish on absolutely anyone.    You’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer, and suddenly your world starts spinning out of control.    Doctor’s appointments, to do lists, writing down questions—it’s not long until you begin feeling completely helpless, and find yourself questioning every single thing you’ve ever done in your life.   “Was it too much caffeine?”  “Too much meat?”  “Should I have paid more and bought the organic vegetables”  “Birth contr