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• a day worth celebrating •

Today was a very special day. Kids slept in, magic in their faces as we open presents, lots of laughs, great food, & the best company.  Today was a day to soak in the true meaning of the holidays and to understand how blessed I am. Today was a day to talk about things that matter and make new incredible memories.  Today was a day of laughter.... I love to laugh. Today was a day that the “c” word was never mentioned. Today was magic. Merry Christmas my magical tribe. Know how much you are appreciated and loved.  love + light, J.

surgery day: 12.19.17

Sorry that I am just posting my update as I have been home resting and healing while putting the finishing touches on Christmas. But I am already feeling stronger with some additional energy! The night before surgery: As you can all imagine, I didn't sleep too great the night before surgery as I was extremely nervous and really not mentally prepared for this dramatic change in my body. But my Mom ended up staying the night to help with the littles the next morning. We all got up and got the kids ready for their last week of school then my mother-in-law and Dad came by to see me and watch our morning routine with the babies. Everyone was dressed and out the door and then I realized I was in the house by myself, quiet, alone, and in deep thought and the questions was I going to look? Will they be able to remove all the cancer? How are the littles going to be? I am not ready to sit on the couch and be sick for days? Do I have to do this?????? Why ME???? This time

It's GO TIME!!!

Today is the day. Slept like crap. Anxious. Scared- TERRIFIED. But ready for it to be GONE.....bye bye CANCER!! Check in is at 10:00 am PST and I will be staying one night in the hospital. So I should be home on Wednesday late afternoon. Groggy....drains....pain meds....and my incredible family.  HUGE shout out to my tribe for already making it happen. Love you all to the moon and back and I will give up an update later on this week when I am feeling up to it.  The amount of messages, support, and love are breathtaking. I keep crying, knowing you ALL are there. WITH me...through this. Ok....crying again. Let's do this............ xoxoxoxoxo, Jessie  PS.....Don't you worry.....girl curled her hair this morning to look good because ladies you know it makes us feel better. AND I won't be able to do this for a while. Hehe. Hey that's me!

*Ways to Support*

I will be completing my Caring Bridge site and will have all of my ways to support centralized, which will make it so much easier for people to access. Here is my link: Several of you have been asking, so in the meantime here are a couple of ways: GoFundMe account for wig/bills/appointments/groceries Meal Train : h ttps:// Other ways : Volunteer time for babysitting, cleaning, laundry Gift cards for toiletries or groceries Reach out if you would like my home address. We will need it all friends. This will be a very challenging year, but one day at a time, with constant love and support....I WILL kick this little cancer's ass. love, love, love........ Jessie

Last day of work in 2017

Thursday, 12/14 was my last day of work. The day felt both normal and abnormal at the same time. My alarm went off at 5:30am, shower, dressed, kids ready, lunches, then while driving into work it hit me....This is my LAST day driving into work in 2017. This is my LAST day looking the way that I do now, driving this same route, & seeing most of my co-workers. I cried. A LOT. Ugly Oprah cry....... But something incredibly beautiful happened the moment I walked through the doors; the office had decided to wear PINK, hang pink ribbons on their office doors, my office was filled with cards, treats, & gifts. I felt so LOVED to know that this was all for me. To know that everyday for the next year while I am struggling, having a bad day, that I can call any of them and they will be there. <3 I am trying to look at the positive in this journey. The special people that have messaged, called, come to see me, dropped off goodies, and the people that have already wanted to help.

Courage • Strength • Well-being

I hope all of you had a moment to look up at the supermoon last night and take in its beauty. I sure did. I sat there staring at this beautiful, magical object in the sky in complete amazement. I was frozen for a moment and realized that I was  reflecting on the last month. I was thinking of how incredibly luck I am to have found MY TRIBE, my group of people to lift me up when I am down, make me laugh when all I want to do is cry, & carry me when I am so weak. That is all of YOU, My Tribe, the people I trust with something so personal that I am going through. I am continuing to reflect, take one day at a time, and realize that I am truly lucky in this journey so far. The cards......messages....positive thoughts......prayers....You guys are already helping me in ways that you don't even realize.  On 11/30 I met with my plastic surgeon, yet another incredible Doctor! He went over all of the details of my reconstruction and what the year will look like for me. I told him my goal