It's GO TIME!!!

Today is the day.

Slept like crap.
But ready for it to be GONE.....bye bye CANCER!!
Check in is at 10:00 am PST and I will be staying one night in the hospital. So I should be home on Wednesday late afternoon. Groggy....drains....pain meds....and my incredible family. 

HUGE shout out to my tribe for already making it happen. Love you all to the moon and back and I will give up an update later on this week when I am feeling up to it. 

The amount of messages, support, and love are breathtaking. I keep crying, knowing you ALL are there. WITH me...through this. Ok....crying again.

Let's do this............

PS.....Don't you worry.....girl curled her hair this morning to look good because ladies you know it makes us feel better. AND I won't be able to do this for a while. Hehe. Hey that's me!


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