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|| My WORST weeks yet ||

#3 got me. HARD.  I got sick to my stomach several times. I was nauseous for almost 2 weeks. I could barely drink water. My back hurt so bad that I couldn’t even look down. Then I got the most INTENSE sore throat that I couldn’t eat solids for 3 days, barely eat yogurt.  I lost 6lbs and my white blood cell count didn’t increase as expected. I was “healthy enough to infuse” *barely*. So I went through to #4.  I’m telling you friends and I’ll tell you again, chemotherapy is NOT for the weak.  I also was deflated as I met with my radiation oncologist on 3.8.18 and was told that they recommend radiation. Although I my lymph nodes came back negative and my tumor is under 5 mm, they still recommend it. I had a total of 5 tumors and when you add them up it totals over 5 mm, my cancer cleared only .5 cm from my chest wall, & my type of cancer is pretty aggressive. I just sat there with tears rolling down my face. But the good news is this will decrease my chance of reaccurance from 25%

• 2 weeks in the life •

Cancer is a full time job, appointments every day, calls, concerns, no energy.  Fun times. I thought I would lay out what my weeks look like during my infusion weeks and my off weeks. Here we go....... Monday: blood work, expansion fills (BIG needle) Tuesday: chemotherapy (4-5 hours) Wednesday: cocktail of anti nausea medication  Thursday: immunity shot & anti nausea medication  Friday: immunity shot Saturday: immunity shot Sunday: immunity shot Monday (chemo off week): immunity shot Tuesday: immunity shot & therapist appointment  Wednesday: immunity shot Thursday: immunity shot Friday - Sunday: no needles!!  ...... and then I all starts again. Ugh.