|| My WORST weeks yet ||

#3 got me. HARD. 

I got sick to my stomach several times. I was nauseous for almost 2 weeks. I could barely drink water. My back hurt so bad that I couldn’t even look down. Then I got the most INTENSE sore throat that I couldn’t eat solids for 3 days, barely eat yogurt. 

I lost 6lbs and my white blood cell count didn’t increase as expected. I was “healthy enough to infuse” *barely*. So I went through to #4. 

I’m telling you friends and I’ll tell you again, chemotherapy is NOT for the weak. 

I also was deflated as I met with my radiation oncologist on 3.8.18 and was told that they recommend radiation. Although I my lymph nodes came back negative and my tumor is under 5 mm, they still recommend it. I had a total of 5 tumors and when you add them up it totals over 5 mm, my cancer cleared only .5 cm from my chest wall, & my type of cancer is pretty aggressive. I just sat there with tears rolling down my face. But the good news is this will decrease my chance of reaccurance from 25% down to 5%. So radiation it is! 

I decided to make an appointment with a naturalpath. The appointment was exactly what I needed. A time to talk about me and not just concentrate on cancer but just me and my background. My Dr gave me some daily things to do to help with the chemotherapy side effects. It was extremely therapeutic to know that I’m not broken and I can overcome this awful journey. Fingers crossed that I can continue to find my strength to beat this.

much love,



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