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•Reconstruction Recovery•

It’s been a full week since my reconstruction surgery. A week of healing, laying low, & resting. This surgery brings a different feel than my mastectomy. A feeling of completion, yet still so much anxiety. I should be excited that this awful year is over and I get to finish it out in this positive way but it’s actually been quite the opposite.  Let me explain...... When I had my appointment with my plastic surgeon at the end of summer and he checked to see how my skin was healing from radiation, I was thrilled to hear that he would be able to schedule my reconstruction surgery at the end of 2018. He said I was healing quickly and everything looked great! I would look forward to starting 2019 in a much better place physically and mentally, I thought. I went home super giddy and couldn’t wait to talk details. My mind went to fantasy land, “what would I look like? Will I have great breasts again? No more expander? I’ll feel like a sexy woman again!!”  I was on this “high” for a