It’s been THREE months.

It’s been 3 months since my last infusion. Three months since I had the most intense anxiety of my life, not knowing what the next round of side effects would be. Three months since looking the sickest I’ve looked ever looked in my life. 

BUT three months of my body getting stronger, three months of knowing that chemotherapy is behind me, & three months of knowing that I am continuing to THRIVE.

When I was first diagnosed, I knew personally only one person that had breast cancer. 


I felt clueless, lonely, & terrified that I would be on the biggest island alone. 

Now I’ve made some incredible new friends that have also been diagnosed. These friends answer questions, understand my struggles, & continue to lift me up when I’m down. I’m also further along in my journey than these new friends, so I continue to give back with all the knowledge and experience that I have gained. I’ve given away so many of my special items that pulled me through and happy to help another friend in need. 

Another huge milestone is I’ve also said goodbye to Gwyneth for now (my wig). She’s helped me gain so much self confidence when I was at my lowest and I never realized that losing my hair would be so devastating. But putting her back in the box for now, was quite gratifying.

I told you all when I was diagnosed that I was going to fight and fight some more. I was going to beat this beast until it had nothing left. And I was going to be a pink warrior. 

And that’s EXACTLY what I’m doing! 

I still have quite a few big milestones to conquer this year, but I’ll continue to celebrate every win in knowing that I’m a survivor. 

I’m posting a very *raw* picture of me as this was me going into the infusion room on 5.8.18, my last chemotherapy. No makeup, no hair, and all hope. 

And now look at all of this incredible blonde hair growing in just THREE months. I’m so damn lucky! 

Love you all and I continue to feel so blessed to have you be part of my tribe. You have all made a difference on my life forever. 




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