processing and learning.....

I wanted to check in as I’ve had some pretty rough nights which bleed
into tough mornings lately. I have my big appointment on Tuesday (11/21) with my
doctors to discuss my treatment plan and the pros/cons with all
options. This diagnosis has been so much to process!!
been clear that my nurse navigator wants me to get used to the
terrifying word: CHEMO. Anyone under 45 that has multiple tumors (me),
they are pretty aggressive with treatment as they classify it as early onset breast cancer. 

I’m scared at what next year
will bring for me and my family but at the end of the day: I KNOW I’ll beat this and come out stronger. 🏼  

I did get my hormone testing back and this was positive (which is great) and my HER2 protein is negative (ALSO good!!). There are several new drugs and treatment plans to treat my type of cancer as I am positive/negative. had my genetic testing last week and I
am candidate for 28 out of the 32 strains of DNA they will test for me
and my family. I won't get results back from the testing for a couple of
weeks and this outcome could reflect my treatment, a little. 

It’s still VERY raw and surreal for me....

and I have cried.... A LOT, but we are confident in our doctors and we
know we have an incredible support system. We don’t know exactly what we
will need yet, but we WILL need help and I will put all my pride away
in knowing that I’m gonna lean on EVERYONE!!

you for everyone’s messages, texts, calls, & prayers. You mean so
very much to me and my family. Please keep 'em coming!! xo -J


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