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My stomach has been in knots since the weekend as I’ve been terribly anxious about going into the plastic surgeon to have my first expansion. As most of you can relate, ALL of this is new to me. Every appointment there is a new procedure, a needle is usually involved, & right when I start to feel good again.... I have a new appointment that take me a couple steps back. 


So yes.... for my appointment on 1.10.18, I was terrified. 

Darren went with me and I checked in as usually, gown on, blood pressure checked... all good. Then the Nurses Assistant rolled in the small table that had all the “utensils” for the expansion. I about passed out: huge needle, bag of fluid, and about 3 other devices. 

Holy shit I almost lost it.

My hands became clammy, I got really hot, & my eyes filled with tears. 

What is happening?!?! How painful will this be??

My Nurse came into the room, Tracey (I’ve seen her a couple of times and really like her. D likes her because she went to Linfield- Go Cats!). Tracey explained the procedure and said the first expansion doesn’t really hurt as I’m probably still numb from my operation. 

So, here goes! I laid back and took Darren’s hand. Tracey took the first utensil out and explained that she uses a magnet to find the port in my expander. She sound mine super quickly and marked it. Now was the needle.... ugh! She placed the needle in the side of my breast and I felt light headed. But I didn’t feel a think. Yes, I was still numb.... thank goodness! Tracey then put blue dye in the needle to see if the port was working and then the saline. She just placed 30ml and said I need to get to 275. So right now I’m at 60....only 215 to go! The next expansion will be around 50 ml, that’s the average amount usually given.

My plastic surgeon, Dr. K, came in to check on me and said everything looks great! I’m expanding a little high but they said this is normal as this will be corrected during my implant surgery. 

We then spoke about the next steps and one more week of being wrapped tightly, I’ve graduated to scarecrow arms (can extend out/up/down but still not above my shoulder), can start to use my arm a little, but still can’t lift over 10 lbs. AND next week I can get a light massage! Yes... yes! My shoulders, neck, and back have been taking a toll on me protecting my breast. So I’m excited about that! 

The other thing is I need to reactive my nerves from my surgery so doing a light massage across my chest, incension, & lymph nodes is good for recovery. Very slowly and gentle. I did it in the shower today and spoke to my chest, sending positive energy and telling myself that everything will be ok. I don’t look as scary as I thought I would and am actually feeling beautiful today. That’s a win! 

The next day, I went to get my hair blown out and washed... still hard to wash with one hand. I’m feeling like a million bucks today! Then went home to rest, watch a little Netflix, & chill out! 

Embracing my hair for a couple more weeks before it leaves me for a while. Happy Friday!




  1. You look radiant. This is the smile I love to see. I'm so very proud of you for feeling beautiful because you are. Never a doubt. You made me smile when you said you talked to your chest. This is an excellent part of your routine. I know it helps. Positive energy is what we Universal Sisters are all about. Love you to the moon.


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