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On Tuesday 1.23.18, I had my chemotherapy port placement on my left side. The port is placed on the opposite side from surgery . They do this just in case I have to have radiation.

I opted out of getting the port placed during my initial mastectomy surgery mainly because I didn’t want another object placed in my body during the holidays.

The procedure went really quickly; the most painful part was the IV. I got to the hospital around 1:00 and was home by 4:30.

They gave me a light sedation medicine and I was certain I would fall asleep, as I usually do! But this time I didn’t. They tied my hands down so I wouldn’t accidentally hit or touch the area. Then they placed a blanket or shield over my face so I couldn’t see anything. I felt a couple pricks and a little burning  but, I was drowsy and don’t remember much.

My mom took me to this appointment as Darren had training at work. So, mom was waiting for me in the recovery room and that’s when the pain set in. You can see in the picture that the tube is connected to my main vein and my neck is extremely sore. I can barely turn my head so no driving for 24 hours. Boo!

Sleeping was tough as I still can’t lay on my right side from surgery and now my left side is sore from the port!

It’s getting real. REAL.

I was in bed resting when the little got home from school and they don’t like seeing mommy in bed. They kept coming in to check on me and give me kisses, which was really sweet. Love them.
I’m in good spirits and trying to remember ONE day at a time. And less than a week is my first infusion.....

So I’ll be prepping and getting things ready for next Tuesday. Please know that when I’m down or sad (like today), I walk over to all my cards and get energized by all your messages! You all are truly making a difference.

I’m attaching a picture of what the port looks like and where it is placed on my body.

Love you all,


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