It’s been 3 weeks since my surgery and physically I continue to feel ok as I gain strength. I’m still really sore, can’t use my arm, & have to sleep on my back, but I can feel it getting stronger. 
Tomorrow, 1.10.18, I go in for my first expansion. I have a deflated implant and they inject it with silicone to start expanding my skin..... sloooooooooowly. I don’t know what to expect tomorrow as will this procedure be painful? How sore am I going to be? But I will find out and let you all know.
I’ll have several expansions before my expander will be removed and a full implant will be surgically placed. But that won’t be until this summer, after chemotherapy.
I’ll let you know how the procedure goes tomorrow but I’m pretty anxious about it. I’ve read that the first expansion can be painful but hoping since it will just be a tiny amount, that I will be ok.
So.... I was gentle on myself today and went and bought myself these incredible roses and “The Happiness Project”. I’m excited to start this book and see how changing or adding small positive acts to your life will compound into more happiness.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.... as terrified as I am to start chemotherapy and lose my hair and feel like I can’t move some days, there are people that are in worst situations..... People suffering or going about this battle ALONE.
So, I will be starting my own “happiness project” while continuing on my cancer journey. As I strongly believe that having a positive outlook on life (and exercise) will only help me in getting through these next grueling months. Let’s sit back and realize how beautiful life is and how we can overcome life’s obstacles.
I’m pledging to go along being as happy as I possibly can, being gentle on myself, but looking at the positive. Even when chemotherapy has poison being pumping into my body for hours and hours that this medicine is killing the little cancer cells that could make me so sick & miss out on SO much life. And I’m ready to live.... I’m ready to be HAPPY!


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