the littles: my loves. 

Many of you have reached out and have asked how Scarlett and Miles are doing and to sum it all up... really good!

They are fully aware that mommy had surgery and had a “boo boo” and they know I have limited motion in my arm. 

Miles will gently place his head on my chest and ask about a million times if this is ok. “Mama you ok?!??” It’s the sweetest thing. 

Scarlett is more aware of the actual diagnosis. She wanted to see my scare and my breast really bad and I finally showed her. She was sweet and said, “mama you still have a boobie!” I think she thought I just had a huge whole in my chest. Ouch. 

We bought the kids a great book about Mama hanging cancer and being in bed. It walks through surgeries, chemotherapy, mama being very tired, & ways to support mama. It’s a colorful, very sweet book.

A day before chemotherapy started Scarlett asked if I was going to lose my hair. I teared up and said that I probably would. Sad to see my hair go and sad to have to see the kids go through this. 

When I got diagnosed my worst and immediate fear was for my babies to see me sick. 

It’s not fun. 

During infusion weeks, I’m in bed 4-5 days and hardly able to get up, so that’s limited time for them. But we read and cuddle and I tell them a million times that I love them. 

But kids are resilient and they will be ok. Their hearts will become softer, their compassion higher, & their love stronger for anyone experiencing discomfort. It’s very special to see them grow and “take care of mama” during this time. 

They are the sweetest little faces and keep me fighting HARD. I love being surrounded by LOVE. 


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