•what I miss•

It’s been 17 days since my surgery and 17 LONG days with this tight wrap on. 17 days of not able to use my right hand (yes- I’m right handed). I’m sure you can all imagine that it’s starting to get extremely difficult not able to use my arm and surprisingly, in other ways easier. 

Things I miss;

* A good, solid hug

* Picking up my babies

* Cooking & chopping

* Shaving my armpit- yikes!!

* Wiping my booty (yeah I said it. It’s HARD)

* Sleeping: laying on my back propped up is not ideal

*Wearing Jeans: soft pants are great but miss feeling like I’m “dressed”

Things I’m thankful for:

* Having a strong core that helps me sit up and more around easier 

* An incredible support team 

* My caring Husband

* My car and that isn’t not a 5 speed

* Yummy meals

* How just using my left arm isn’t impossible, just not too convient 

I was talking to my mother in law (she was diagnosed with breast cancer 15 years ago and is doing great!) and she explained to me that there will be a time when you are finishing with treatment and you will FINALLY start to feel like yourself. You will feel different: stronger, braver, & your priorities will be different; but you will STILL be you. And when that moment hits you, you know you can accomplish anything. I’m holding on to those words daily..... 

Friends.... the journey is just beginning for me and to be honest, glad it’s started. I’m looking forward to being at the end of the journey and feeling like ME again. 




  1. What I miss is YOU! And shaving your armpits are over rated.

    Love you more than Coca-Cola with lots of ice

    1. You continue to be my biggest cheerleader, C. ❤️


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