• it’s just hair.... •

I shaved my head today. 

Yes, it was a bit scary. Yes, I was anxious. Yes, I was scared to see myself bald. 

But it was time.

My hair was falling out in HUGE clumps since my last infusion and my hair follicles were actually starting to hurt. 

I was scared to even wash my hair as I knew it would all start to fall out in my hands.

Darren went to buy clippers and he was a champion. He started shaving my head and of of course the kids were very curious.

Miles said, “mama, you funny!”

And Scarlett helped me pick out a scarf to wear for the day. Then gave me a BIG Scarlett hug. *love her*

Darren said I looked beautiful. *ah thanks love*

They are going to be ok, as am I. 

I felt empowered.... hell ya! How many women get to shave their heads?!?! Hello GI Jane. 

I felt like I took control of this part of my journey. And once I put my scarf on, I felt like ME. 

Sometimes ya gotta just JUMP and that is exactly what I did today! 

My family empowers me to feel strong and I gain most of my energy from them. I can’t thank them enough for their love and support. 

FU Breast Cancer.... I haven’t fallen yet and don’t you even think I’m not going to keep going!!!!!! 


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