• infusion #6 • 

I can’t believe that I’m at #6. Somedays I feel like this journey has been years and other days I feel like I’m moving right along. 

This was a very special round for me as my family joined me: mom, dad, & my 2 sisters. 

I kept trying to explain to them the whole progress and telling them sitting in an infusion room is a pretty surreal experience. They wanted to support me and join me, so they did. 

The infusions are pretty routine for me now, dr appt before to see how my blood work looks (I have to be at a certain white blood cell count before they can infuse), lots of premeditation, numbing cream/ice on my port before accessing it, snacks packed, ready to roll. 

I had a new nurse this round and every time I have someone new I get really nervous. The initial poke into my port to hook up the IV can be extremely painful and I get a nauseous feeling before hand, so I just never know the behaviors of the nurse. Does she say......”1,2,3.......poke” or does she just go for it? Is she gentle? Does she know I despise this part?  Like I could pass out despise!!

I have to put a mask on every time they access the port and whoever is sitting right beside me has to do the same thing. It’s to fight infection and germs. I know I’ve said it before but they wipe down EVERYTHING and are EXTREMELY careful every time they touch you. 

The nurse’s name was Lania and she ended up being fantastic! Gentle, kind, and excellent bedside manner. I liked her. 

The tough thing about having guests is you can only have two chairs in your “pod”. This is for emergency purposes. So, my sisters and dad had to keep rotating. But we all survived!

The infusion went fine and I went home to rest. I was anxious about the week as the last infusion, by Friday, I could barely walk. Neuropathy is tough and can be quite painful. 

My oncologist gave me a medication to take before bed that helps with neuropathy, hot flashes (I get them all night long), & will help with sleep. The medication works ok, my legs still burn a little but I sleep well! 

This round I didn’t get as much pain as the first time with Taxol. 

I was able to do my walks most of the week, rest when I could, and put ice packs on my feet when the nerve pain started. I guess that’s part of the journey, knowing the little techniques in managing pain and discomfort.

I’m continuing to do what I need to do to stay comfortable and I’m doing it. 

One thing I read with Taxol and my doctor confirmed, your hair can grow back with “T” (yeah!!), but you can continue to lose your eyebrows and eyelashes until after treatment (boo!!). My eyebrows are both about half gone and my left eye barely has any eyelashes left. I look strange without makeup. I hate how I look. But a little makeup and some nice fake eyelashes and My confident rises a little. 

I keep telling myself 2 more rounds and this nightmare of chemotherapy is OVER. Then I start on a new chapter. That’s ok, as I am closer to the ending then.

Thanks again to all my friends that have been there. Mom’s picking up Scarlett before and after school, grocery runs, cleaning, meals, taking Miles to the park...... all of it has been extremely helpful. Love you all. 

Oh and we finally got some sunshine this week so a little vitamin D goes a long way for the mind and soul. 

Cheers to being almost done with chemo!!!!



PS..... here are some pictures of my family from my infusion. #6 complete! 


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