•my LAST Chemotherapy•

May 8, 2018.

I’m always remember this date. I have been looking forward to this day for months. My last infusion. My last day walking into the chemo room, feeling sick to my stomach and being injected with poison. The last time being anxious about how my body will respond to the “cocktail”. 

I woke up feeling a sign of relief, proud of my strong body, & knowing that I am beating cancer- one day at a time. Even when I weak, picking myself up and not letting cancer rule my life. Knowing that I still have a beautiful life to live and cancer will never define me. 

I woke up in the morning and Scarlett gave me a really sweet card. The theme of the day was, “No Mo Chemo”. It was too sweet. I was very emotional so of course I started crying. Tears of job! 

I’m thrilled to be closing this chapter in my cancer journey, but it’s always sad to say goodbye to lovely people that made my appointments so much easier. I had the opportunity to meet and was cared for my some incredible nurses. They were always there greeting with a smile, calming my nerves, & getting me heated blankets (the best part)! There is nothing more stressful than walking into an infusion room and seeing so many sick people. But knowing that we are all here for the same reason, getting infusions to beat cancer, getting healthy, & leave a stronger person. 

I had a special friend tell me when I was diagnosed to make sure you have the opportunity to sit back and take in all the moments because there will be some beautiful ones, and boy was there. I had some of my favorite people get to sit in with me while I was getting pumped up with chemotherapy. It brings tears to my eyes to have all this love. Friends and family holding my hand while I was getting pricked and sick. Nothing gets more raw than this. 

So as I close out this chapter, I walked out of the room feeling strong and proud of myself. Feeling like I rocked this and my body is feeling good! I’ve had some rough days, I get very tired, but all in all, my body hasn’t let me down. So as they unplugged me for the last time, I teared up as I said goodbye to my nurses in the room. I walked out of the building with Darren and my dear friend and was surprised by my friends and family with signs, bells, cheers, love, & hugs! They were lined up and waiting for me to walk out. I was blown away. SO MUCH LOVE! But I knew I couldn’t conquer this huge mountain without any of them. They have had my back from the beginning. Calling me, long walks when I feel like I can’t go on, froyo when I needed a pick me up, flowers, dinners, pedicures, hugs, love....you name it! And they were all there for ME! Darren wanted to make this moment special and boy did he pull off the biggest surprise!! To all my friend and family, love you more than you know. To the friends that couldn’t make it and ones far away, I feel your love and support. Thank You!!

And also side note, today was Darren’s birthday, so we got to celebrate and share this incredible day TOGETHER. 

Now on to radiation!! Here we go.... *gulp*. 


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